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European~$115/80 minutes

Customized facial, with a thorough exfoliation, extractions & mask treatment. Your skin will be rebalanced, smoother & healthier. Includes massage of neck & shoulders. This facial w/o massage~$100/65 min. *Add Glycolic-Lactic peel $25

Express~$65/30 min.

Your skin will be cleansed and exfoliated followed by a mask treatment leaving your skin refreshed and brightened.

Pore-it-on~$80/35 min.

Focus is on the pores. Skin cleansing, steam, extractions. Not available for first-time visit.

Back Treatment~$95/65 min.

Your back will be given the same attention your face gets. Includes extractions.


Antioxidant Treatment hydrates & heals environmentally challenged skin. Includes light extractions~$85/45 min.

Intense Anti-oxidant Exfoliator accelerates exfoliation with powerful enzymes. Refresh, refine & brighten~$70/35 min.

Age Management Treatment uses gentle AHA's for texture improvement. Brightens & refines. Includes light extractions~$85/45 min.

Acne Treatment for initial symptoms of mild to moderate acne. Clinical facial provides effective remedies to reduce blackheads & whiteheads. Includes extractions~$125/70 min.

Rosacea Treatment for mild rosacea. Reduces inflammation & bacteria associated with this condition~$65/30 min.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment for texture improvement, fine lines & sun spots. Includes light extractions~$85/45 min..

LED Light Therapy Facial for face & neck to improve skin texture & plumpness, increase collagen & elastin, reduce rosacea & hyperpigmentation issues. Includes exfoliation, extractions & mask~$135/90 min.

LED Light Therapy, a la carte will include an exfoliation or mask treatment. No extractions or massage~$75/30 min.

* LED treatments are best done, initially, in a series of 6, once per week. Thereafter, once every 30-60 days as maintenance. Series of 6 is offered at a 15% discount.


Lactic Acid will address surface aging skin issues. Hydrate, brighten & lessen sun spots~$70/35 min.

Glycolic-Lactic Acid is a super skin rejuvenation for mild to moderate aging~$80/35 min.

Salicylic Acid Treatment for mild to moderate acne in need of a stronger exfoliation with the use of 20% salicylic acid to oxygenate & detoxify. A clinical facial that includes extractions~$145/80 min.

Vitamin A Power Peel for aging skin issues. Refines wrinkles and helps to heal acne. For best results, recommended in a series of six~$85/35 min.

5-Berry Pigment Control Peel with potent antioxidants & skin brighteners for moderate to advanced acne, hyperpigmentation & general aging skin issues. For best results, recommended in a series of six~$85/35 min.

WAXING, plus

*Lip or Chin~$10 *Lower Lip~$5 *Brow Styling~$25 - $35 *Brow Touchup~$15 - $20 *Brow Trimming~$5 *Facial Hair Trimming~$10 *Sideburns~$15 *Full Face~$45 (excludes brows) *Front Neck~$15 Ears~$14 *Le Nose Grooming~$10 *Center Stomach~$15 *Bikini~$35 *Extended Bikini~$45 *Underarms~$25

Special Note~All treatments are available to purchase in a series. Series of 3 at a 10% discount, and Series of 6 at a 15% discount.

Nutrition & Dietary Support~$85/hourly

Get the extra guidance you need to stabilize your energy sources & bring balance to your body through smart food & nutrient choices and preparations.

Cancellation Policy: Please give at least 24 hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling to avoid a charge of the service scheduled. Thank you!